Action Tools for Effective Managers

All day long, managers deal with one challenge or another: complaints from staff, delegating work no one wants to do, jealousy and hurt feelings, performance reviews, even “small” problems like telephone abuse. It’s exhausting! This book gives time-pressed managers succinct, pragmatic “tools” for taking action instantly on more than 65 common problems. For each problem, the book presents: 1. A brief case study that demonstrates the on-the-job problem in clear, human terms that anyone can relate to 2. Insightful analysis of the case study, explaining the issues that need to be addressed 3. Specific tools that help solve the situation, including step-by-step guidelines, checklists, standard procedures…and lots of practical advice.

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Building a Winning Scientific & Technical Team

Teamwork is an unbeatable tool in many endeavors: the natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, sports, business and education. There is little doubt about the impact of high-performing teams, with teamwork, in part, responsible for miracle drugs, breakthrough technologies, Olympic medals, and conquests of space and sea.

Winning teams synergistically harness their members’ talents and energy, so 1 plus 1 equals at least 3 (and often much more). In short, when a team is working well, the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

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