Presentation Skills Workshop

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Live On-Site Short Course (212) 818-0551

Course Length: 2 Days

Experience incredible personal growth in your presentation skills during this extraordinary workshop. Learn to prepare exciting and persuasive technical, financial and business presentations that contribute to project, professional and career success.

Experience incredible personal growth in your presentation skills by attending this extraordinary “breakthrough” training – the most powerful presentation skills workshop anywhere.

As a successful professional, you have already mastered the technical aspects of your job. Now is the time to learn powerful new communication skills that will give you tremendous confidence, catapult your presentation performances, and propel you forward in your profession, business, and career.

As a result of taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Use the “100 Success Techniques” for making great presentations
  • Prepare a winning presentation in 1/10th the time
  • Analyze your speaking objectives, situation, and audience
  • Organize your thoughts clearly and intelligently
  • Think on your feet
  • Speak in an engaging, persuasive, and dynamic manner
  • Present with confidence and poise
  • Control or eliminate the dread and anxiety of speaking before groups
  • Project a positive image through your body language
  • Handle the Q&A session like a pro
  • Prepare a winning individual presentation
  • Create a well-coordinated and polished team presentation
  • Experience “the triumph of excellence” from a successful presentation

All scientists, engineers, technical professionals, and technical managers who have important presentations to give and require cutting-edge communication skills to help achieve success. Perfect for new speakers who want the most powerful presentation training available. Ideal for experienced speakers who want to hone their skills and jump to the next level.

This exciting “learn-by-doing” program places you at the center of the action, with each participant building the confidence and expertise by planning, presenting, and evaluating several presentations. Each presenter receives extensive live feedback, coaching, and video analysis.