Performance Management Excellence

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Live On-Site Short Course (212) 818-0551

Course Length: 1 Day

An important live 1-day workshop for technical supervisors and managers who want to help their professional employees be the best they can.

Master the skills to help your professional employees continuously improve their performance. Learn step by step the exciting performance management process. Gain practical skills for setting clear expectations and standards, giving ongoing feedback and coaching, and fostering a motivating work environment of learning and development.

You “learn by doing”- developing job expectations and standards, analyzing employee performance, and creating performance improvement plans. In addition, you will participate in true-to-life role-playing exercises and carry out an actual full-scale simulation on performance planning, feedback, and development.

As a result of taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Carry out the performance management process with confidence
  • Develop effective manager/employee performance partnerships
  • Get employees involved, motivated & responsible for their own job performance
  • Establish clear & realistic job expectations & standards
  • Maintain open and ongoing communication with employees
  • Identify employee behaviors that lead to or detract from goal achievement
  • Provide positive feedback to recognize effort and achievement
  • Provide constructive feedback & coaching for performance improvement
  • Work with each employee to prepare a written summary of job performance
  • Conduct a performance development meeting to discuss & summarize results
  • Work with each employee to create performance improvement plans
  • Create your own personal action plan for improving departmental performance

All technical supervisors, managers, & executives working in a laboratory environment who are responsible for managing the performance of scientists, engineers and technical professionals.

This program features true-to-life role playing and full scale simulations of the performance management process, along with immediate feedback and coaching. Participants are encouraged to bring to class actual job descriptions and related employee job documents to make the simulations as relevant as possible to actual lab job situations.