Effective Leadership of Scientists, Engineers & the Technical Team

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Live On-Site Short Course (212) 818-0551

Course Length: 2 Days

A breakthrough live workshop that helps transform excellent scientists, engineers and technical professionals into outstanding technical leaders.

America’s premier course for transforming excellent scientists and engineers into outstanding technical leaders. During this groundbreaking experience, you will learn what motivates laboratory professionals and how to organize and lead for maximum professional results.

As a result of taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand your role as a technical leader of a professional team
  • Create a high performance technical environment
  • Motivate innovative professionals for top lab performance
  • Encourage participation in creative teams
  • Support your people with critical project resources
  • Strengthen your own leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Deal with conflicts and personality clashes
  • Plan and organize work for the “matrix/project” lab environment
  • Delegate, empower, counsel, and coach professionals for superior results
  • Lead team problem-solving/decision-making sessions
  • Plan and review professional performance
  • Communicate vital information clearly, quickly, and effectively
  • Manage time intelligently and schedule work for maximum results

Team leaders and supervisors of scientists, engineers, and other technical team members … for new R&D supervisors and project leaders … and for experienced professionals wanting to hone their skills and learn important new strategies and techniques for managing in a high performance laboratory environment.

Participants will receive the popular management book, Action Tools for Effective Managers, by Dr. Margaret Mary Gootnick and Dr. David Gootnick. This important resource details 68 major opportunities for improving leadership performance, along with powerful action tools.