Assertiveness Training for Technical Professionals

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Course Length: 2 Days

An important course that provides “critical people skills” to complement your technical ability and enhance your management effectiveness, program and project leadership and team participation.

A powerful workshop that provides technical professionals with self-confidence, self-awareness, & critical interpersonal skills for building winning relationships & achieving important goals. Learn how to get the job done without worrying … make requests without fear … refuse unreasonable requests without guilt…and resolve disputes calmly and effectively. Moreover, you learn valuable assertive communication and problem-solving techniques for getting the job done successfully.

As a result of taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand assertive behavior
  • Distinguish assertive, aggressive, and nonassertive behavior
  • Understand your own unique style and approach to lab situations
  • Build self-confidence
  • Strengthen your communication and leadership skills
  • Enhance your body language and professional image
  • Deal with others in a straightforward way
  • Get the job done without worrying
  • Make requests without fear
  • Deal constructively with anger and manipulation
  • Practice winning with – and not at the expense of – others
  • Listen to the points of view of others
  • Say “no” effectively to unfair demands
  • Resolve disputes successfully
  • Gain the respect and support of others

All technical professionals and managers at every level of the management team who must work effectively with others to get top results. It is also perfect for technical professionals who do not possess formal authority to direct others but who must work with others cooperatively to achieve their success.

A highly interactive course with active role playing, simulations, and assertive problem-solving sessions, along with immediate feedback and coaching.